When nature awakens, when you feel the first sun-rays warming up the days and bloomy fruit orchards are showing off their best site.
..then it's time for trips, hikings and bycicle tours...

There is something you really shouldn't miss in spring: a visit at Castle Trauttmansdorff gardens. A real highlight of Merano:

How beautiful they are, the botanic gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff. Already the Austrian empress Sissi knew to appreciate this lovely area and chose Castel Trauttmansdorff as her favourite winter residence. So there is a reason for it why there are a path, a terrace, a promenade and even a whole street named after the graceful Austrian empress.
Covering an area of 12 hectares, the botanic gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff promise a particular kind of experience. Enchanting flowers and plants from all over the world attract thousands of visitors, every year from early spring to late autumn. Magic viewpoints, adorable flowers and the majestic mountains of Merano render the place an oh-so special one.

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Every year from late April to early May, Merano hosts a special event. Then local and international gardeners unite in the city of Merano, exhibiting oh-so lovely flowers, plants and numerous other pieces of art.

The gentle, mediterranean climate of Merano and the sunny promenades along the Passiria river are ideally suited to this event. How beautiful this looks, with all the flowers and the sparkling white mountains in the background...
A fascinating flower market and a rich number of events are part of the Merano Garden Festival. Combining nature with culture, it also features interesting exhibitions, sophisticated concerts as well as several literary highlights. Not to forget the “Gran Premio Merano Giardini”, a stunning gardening competition that involves gardeners from all over Europe.

Monte San Vigilio

Monte San Vigilio is also known as Lana's local mount, and thanks to a cablecar pretty easy to reach.
An insider tip in winter, wonderful during summer months: excursions, mountainbiking, alpine hiking, nordic walking.. are just some of the activities Monte San Vigilio has to offer.

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